Crimson Leaf - Verified Purchase Reviews


Lustful Youths and Treachery, March 25, 2011

I am a big fan of the sumptuous if inaccurate "Tudors" TV series. This was like a visit with young Henry had he become King through betrayal and murder. The young men are particularly well envisioned, and the scenes (both romantic and treacherous) are realistically developed. If you enjoy fantasy that is well crafted and intelligent, you will not be sorry you invested $2.99 in this new, and as yet, unknown, author.



Murder, betrayal, treachery... March 14, 2011

"Distracted for a moment, Lyssia strayed into the middle of the cobbled yard and stooped to pick

up a vividly crimson leaf wedged between stones. With five lobes and a network of veins, it

looked like a hand, gnarled and bloodied." ~ Crimson Leaf


Who poisoned the wine that killed 17-year-old Crown Prince Travis's parents, the king and

queen? Murder, betrayal, treachery, heartbreak... this novel has it all. The vibrant,

sensory descriptions bring the story to life, while the polished, fluid writing has

you forgetting you're even reading a book. Crimson Leaf is more murder

mystery than fantasy, and as much romance as coming-of-age: a

captivating story that I think would appeal to young adults and

adults alike. Highly recommended.



Simon Royle: Interview with the author